Wizards of the Coast Employee Cards

Back in 1994, when Wizards of the Coast still was a small company and Magic a less sophisticated product, some Wizards of the Coast employees were known to create their own Magic cards and hand them around within the company. Some of these cards were created by Cindy Vanous. While not being an employee herself, she had good connections to the company (Many of the artists and founders were part of her and husband regular poker game at the time). She created her cards by using original Magic backsides and glueing her own laser-printed fronts onto them. Very few copies have survived until today. Two of Cindy Vanous' cards, Painful Hedgehog and Urza's Lawn Ornament, also made an appearance in one of Wizards of the Coast's God Books right after the release of Antiquities. These God Books were binders which held one of each Magic card ever made. They were used mostly by customer service. To avoid risking theft of the steadily value-increasing cards, they were later on replaced by the Magic Encyclopedia book series. At least two more employee cards called Hummingbird and Plot Device are known to exist.

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