Condition Guide

We take grading very seriously because, as players ourselves, nothing is more annoying than when we order a Near Mint card only to find out that it's in Lightly Played, or worse, condition despite paying the premium price for it. We have cards in nearly every condition so no matter what your preference in card condition is, we have it.

Additionally, every card we sell is professionally shipped so whatever card condition you order is the card condition you will receive.


Near Mint:  Cards in Near Mint condition look fresh out of the pack. The edges and surface should be nearly free from all flaws.

Lightly Played: Cards in Lightly Played condition may have mild border wear, minor corner wear, slight scratching or scuffing, but not any major defects or numerous flaws.

Moderately Played: Cards in Moderately Played condition may have any combination of mild examples of the following defects: moderate border wear, corner wear, scratching or scuffing, creases or whitening.

Heavily Played: Cards in Heavily Played condition show a severe amount of wear. Heavily Played cards can include cards that have creasing, folding, minor warping, moderate water damage, heavy whitening, heavy border wear, moderately markered or mild tearing. All the Heavily Played cards we sell are still tournament legal so these are the cards to get if you're going to sleeve them and want a great price (up to 25% off!).

Damaged: Cards in Damaged condition may have extreme border wear or markering, extreme corner wear, heavy scratching or scuffing, folds, warping, creases or tears. Damaged condition cards are illegal for tournament play and are just for sleeved casual gaming on a budget (up to 50% off!).